Carpet installation and repair

Are there a nasty ink stain which you can not get out of your carpet? Possesses your dog or cat built a hole in the floor covering?

Did your carpet receive burned from a hot ember from the fireplace? Is the material transition between the family room plus the kitchen coming up?

If there are generally tougher spots to remove even as are cleaning, we work with a post spotter that is worked into the carpet and then rinsed out. We also provide carpet protectant, pet odor removal, red out and rust out. We ask our customers to please vacuum the carpets and move as much furniture as they would like moved prior to our arrival. Signs of carpet repair can be found out quickly, but with our help, you don’t have to worry about anything!

The carpet in your home is a big investment. So it’s frustrating when a sputtering ember burns a hole in your beautiful rug or a spring storm floods the basement family room. But you don’t have to call in a pro or just live with the damage until you replace the carpet. Solving these problems yourself isn’t difficult, and you can increase the life of your carpet and save some real money.

We’ll show you how to fix three common problems: Small damaged spots such as holes, tears or burns. Wet carpet from leaks or flooding.

Carpet that has pulled out of a metal threshold. A carpet pro may charge hundreds for each of these repairs. If the repair involves a large area or the damage is more extensive, the cost can double. Doing the work on your own can cut the cost by two-thirds. The tools and materials you are getting to need are at home stores

Before starting this maintenance, buy a carpet knife containing replaceable blades. You’ll also require a roll of one-sided floor covering tape. Be sure to choose heavy-duty tape reinforced with fine mesh, not the thin, insecure version or the “hot-melt” variety that requires a special iron to make use of.

There are some pretty impressive washing products out there that can take away most tough carpet spots. Even still, certain spots linger and require specialized cleaning. A patch could possibly be a better solution for some stains.

Floor covering that’s burned can’t be cleansed; it needs to be replaced (unless the burn is only somero, in which case you trim off the blackened tips of the carpet fiber).

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